During this pandemic, it is important to stay in touch and understand the additional implementations we have done to ensure the safety of our patients, staff, and community.

In order to minimize multiple visits to our office, we are utilizing technology to help us triage your issues so we can schedule you accordingly. This helps to minimize any possible exposure to COVID-19. We have also implemented modified scheduling and policies to help facilitate the safety and efficiency of your dental care during this pandemic.

As your oral health care providers, we are here to help you. The day prior to your appointment you will receive a text with our COVID 19 policies. We appreciate your attention and patience to ensure your and everyone’s safety during your appointment.


Dr. Chang and Staff

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Infection Control and COVID-19

Things we were already doing at Dr. Chang’s dental office ​BEFORE​ COVID-19 took the  world by storm: 

●    Practicing universal precautions as we treat all contacts with          patients and surfaces as potentially infectious

●    New masks, gloves, protective barriers and sterilized                        instruments are used for each patient

●    Dental instruments are sterilized after each patient

●    Surfaces and equipments are disinfected with medical-grade        wipes

●    HEPA Air filters are used throughout the office

●    Laundering and daily office cleaning are done by healthcare-          certified companies

These are ​ADDITIONAL​ infection control procedures that we are following during  COVID-19 pandemic: 

●    All staff and patients go through temperature checks and                screenings

●    Minimize aerosol production by postponing ultrasonic                    cleaning for dentures and night guards;

●    Use of N95 respirators, face shields, and fluid-resistant                    gowns in addition to standard surgical masks

●    Reduce bacteria in aerosols by using disinfectant spray after          each patient

●    Require patients use of masks/face coverings in office and              during down time

●    Limiting the maximum number of patients in the office to 3            at a time

●    Postponing dental appointments of patients that have been          exposed to COVID-19 until a negative test has been reached          or the pt has been symptom-free after quarantining for                  minimum 2 weeks

●    Collecting ESTIMATED PATIENT PORTION chairside at time of          appointment to minimize contact with staff.  Please                          remember to bring a method of payment to your                              appointment.



From the moment you step into our office to the completion of your treatment, Dr. Chang and our caring professionals will provide you with dental care of the highest quality. Our professional staff will make you feel at home and a part of our family. One of our top priorities is to make your visits relaxing and comfortable. If you have dental anxiety, we understand and take pride in helping our patients overcome the anxiety to make your dental visit a positive and desirable experience!


We provide treatments ranging from simple fillings, to same-day porcelain crowns (CEREC) and implant services. Our state-of-the-art facility plays a pivotal role in servicing our patients in a timely manner. Our knowledgeable hygienists perform gentle and thorough routine and deep cleanings. We listen to your concerns. Our approach is to help patients understand why and how each dental condition can happen with possible solutions and consequences so patients can make the best informative decisions for themselves.

Your smile is one of the most important attributes you have and we want to help you keep a healthy and bright smile. Patients of all ages are welcomed!: kids, teens, adults and seniors. We invite you to browse our pages and get to know our office and staff. We appreciate your consideration and are looking forward to being a part of your oral health care.


To start experiencing our exceptional services, please call us at (520) 748-8186 for more information or to schedule an appointment!


Dr. Su-Wen Chang

Hi! Welcome to our office!  


I take pride in our office as a truly dentist-owned and operated private practice.  Having worked and being a patient in clinics that are corporation-owned and numbers-driven; fifteen years ago, I was fortunate to transition to this office previously owned by Dr. Robert Perkin that has always put our patients’ dental needs first and we continued to do so to this day. 


This is not the only difference our office has from other dental offices.  I am also a dental patient who had a variety of dental treatments done in the past and currently so I understand what my patients go through.  I had anxiety from bad childhood dental experiences and have slowly overcome that difficulty over the years.  I am sure there are many people who have had the same or worse experiences like me with dentists. If I could provide a calming and gentle approach to make people feel comfortable and relaxed receiving dental care, I would make a positive impact in my patients’ lives and well-being!

It has really been a joy taking care of generations of family in our office. I provide a humanistic approach with empathetic understanding of patients’ possible anxiety, I have been there before! Calming chair-side manner and gentle hands are crucial to patients of any age-from children to adults to seniors. This will ensure everyone getting continuous adequate care and coming to the dentist would be less stressful and could be enjoyable!  I believe in partnering with our patients to understand their dental needs and in turn improve their overall health!

Technology and dentistry are continuously evolving.  I stay on top of the current trends by participating in dental seminars, conferences and reading pertinent journals. Ultimately, this helps tremendously with my commitment to provide excellent patient care.

I have gained a deep appreciation for the sun and blue sky after living in California and Arizona! I take advantage of the beautiful weather here by playing tennis, swimming and participating in other outdoor activities. One of my hobbies is trying to stay on top of most collegiate and professional sports. I try to give back to the community when I can by donating time or resources to local organizations. Traveling around the world and learning about different cultures has always been a passion of mine; it expands my horizon and makes me more grateful for what I have and what I could still contribute to this society!


Regular Dental Cleaning
This type of cleaning is for patients with healthy gums and have no active advanced gum disease(beyond gingivitis). Plaque and food debris are removed with either hand instrument and/or ultrasonic scaler, then your teeth will be polished with polishing paste and finished with hand flossing. Professional fluoride treatment is also indicated to protect teeth from decay. Most common recall frequency is every 6 months and 3 to 4-month recalls for patients who prefer more frequent preventative care.
Gum Disease Treatment


Gingivitis is a mild and reversible form of gum disease and can be treated with improved and proper home and professional care. When gum disease advances past gingivitis, it enters into a stage called periodontitis which is NOT reversible and requires more extensive treatment as well as frequent maintenance visits to stabilize this disease.
The first step in treatment is scaling and root planing which is commonly called deep cleaning. It is crucial for patients to keep up the follow-up periodontal maintenance appointment at 3 to 4-month intervals.

Composite Fillings and Bondings


We do not use any silver filling(amalgam) in our office. We only use tooth-colored material for composite fillings, anterior and posterior, to restore cavities, small to medium size tooth fracture and many other applicable uses. The composite materials blend in beautifully with your tooth color and are long-lasting when properly maintained.

CEREC Crowns


By utilizing CAD/CAM technology, our office is able to deliver natural-looking all-porcelain crown(s) in just one single visit. Traditional way of making a crown requires two to three appointments and you may need to be numbed each time; a temporary crown and an impression done in the first visit, then in 2-3 weeks, you will go back and get the final crown(s). CEREC eliminates all those extra steps and appointments!

Esthetic Solutions / Smile Makeover


Dr. Chang is experienced in designing naturally pleasing restorations to enhance your smile. Your desirable outcome will always be heard and considered in the careful planning. Pre-operative diagnostic models and wax-ups are done in collaboration with competent lab technicians to ensure positive results.



A bridge is a prosthesis which we utilize the adjacent teeth to the area of the missing tooth as support and make essentially crowns that are connected together to restore the tooth-missing area. This has worked well as long as you maintain the dental and gum health of the supporting teeth.



Implants are medical grade titanium posts that integrates with jaw bone that act as artificial roots for crowns and bridges or anchors for full and partial dentures. Implants have shown its applications in areas where anatomical and tooth supports are lacking. The advantages of single implants over bridges supported by natural teeth are

1) no need to remove natural tooth structure on adjacent teeth and

2) ease of maintenance. Implants along with customized attachments help stabilize dentures and improve function.

Oral Surgery


Dr. Chang is proficient in various types of oral surgery procedures including simple, surgical, wisdom tooth(third molar) extractions and basic pathology diagnosis and treatment.

Children's Dentistry


We love taking care of children. A positive experience for children in childhood will ensure better dental health into their adulthood. American Dental Association recommends that kids start seeing a dentist at the age of 1 to establish a “dental home”. This way, kids will get used to coming to the dentist and thus lessen their anxiety. We work with parents to develop customized plans to ensure their children’s dental health.



Invisalign uses a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that no one can tell you’re wearing. So you can smile more during treatment as well as after. Invisalign is made with 3-D computer imaging technology and has been proven effective.
Learn more about Invisalign at www.invisalign.com.



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